"There are gorgeous looking gluten-free cakes and treats in all shapes and sizes, plus homemade rye bread that is better than most. The menu is simple but boasts real smoothies (no powder), sandwiches, vegetable wraps etc. A nice touch was the complimentary ginger tea, which diners can help themselves to.

 [I]f you struggle with food intolerances it’s definitely a cut above most places I’ve seen."


- Jamie Who?

Welcome to Mango Ginger, Bakery and Coffee Shop!

Mango Ginger is conveniently located at 27 Lower Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town. Our focus is on creating healthy, nutritious and fabulously flavoured foods. We use only organic flour, pure fats and organic fresh produce where possible to create decadent, delicious treats.

In the pre-dawn hours the baker produces a range of breads and pastries, and our immensely popular wheat-free organic pies.

A selection of biscuits, both wheat- and gluten-free, as well as naughty treats like the pistachio nut shortbread, are packaged and ready to go.

We open at 7.30am for coffee and pastries, and start cooking breakfasts from 8.00am. Lunches are kept alive by the ever-changing specials board, listing the soup and quiches of the day, as well as main meals.

Examples of the specials include: potato rosti with smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese and salad; parmesan chicken strips on crostini with pesto and a cooked tomato salsa, garnished with rocket and olives; and wheat-free crepes filled with lemon, artichoke and chicken, garnished with freshly blanched asparagus.


On cooler days a favourite is the lamb, almond and ginger casserole with a side serving of short-grain organic brown rice. Favourites on the regular menu include our super steak sandwich and heavenly lemon tarts. There is always a variety of tasty options for vegetarians, meat eaters, and customers intolerant of wheat and gluten.

Mango Ginger Bakery and Coffee Shop is owner-run, and the friendly, efficient staff are barista trained.

Mango Ginger is not licensed but no corkage is charged for those who wish to drink wine or beer with their meal.

We are open from 07:30 to 17:00 on weekdays, and 08:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays.