Freezer Meals

Mango Ginger’s home cooked, freshly wrapped and frozen freezer meals are packed in two portions and come with either rice or couscous for convenience.  The soups are packed in one litre portions.

Our selection of freezer meals consists of vegan, vegetarian, free range chicken and meat options as well as some hearty and creamy soups made from only the freshest ingredients.

All you need to do is defrost and heat up to have a nutritious and delicious home cooked meal ready in no time!



R120   Tofu green curry with beans & peas, served with basmati rice
R120   Mushroom, tofu & red cabbage stroganoff, served with brown rice
R110   Vegan meatballs, served with spaghetti and tomato sauce with olives
R120   Chickpea, butternut & banana curry, served with basmati rice
R140   Savoury pancakes filled with spinach, mushrooms, sun dried tomato & broccoli, served with a non dairy sauce
R60   Vegan burgers : chickpeas, red kidney beans, lots if finely grated veg, almonds, sunflower seed and speciality ingredients


R140   Vegetarian lasagne made using all orange vegetables and red lentils, layered up with cheese sauce
R140   Vegetarian moussaka, based on brown lentils, chickpeas & mushrooms, layered with aubergine strips and a yogurt based topping
R150   Aubergine Involtini : roasted aubergine strips encasing a filling of four cheeses, mint, lemon zest and nuts, topped with tomato sauce and served with couscous


R150   Butter Chicken mild aromatic curry with carrots, served with basmati rice
R160   Chicken, chorizo, olive & red kidney bean casserole, in a tomato based sauce and served with basmati rice
R160   Chicken, bacon & mushroom creamy cider casserole, served with basmati rice


R150   Beef Lasagne (a customer favourite)
R160   Thai red beef curry, served with basmati rice
R170   Almond and ginger venison casserole, slow cooked and creamy, served with basmati rice


R90    Thai butternut soup (vegan)
R90    Pea, mint & lime (vegan)
R90    Sweet potato & orange (vegan)
R90    Sweetcorn, lemongrass & coconut (vegan)
R90    Spinach & potato (vegetarian)